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工作地点: 苏州市 招聘人数: 1人 工作性质: 全职
工作经验: 不限 学历要求: 不限 年龄要求: 不限
性别要求: 不限 薪资待遇: 面议 更新日期: 2020-07-02


    ? Perform the inspection for WIP, raw material and final product; /对WIP,原材料和最终产品进行检验;
    ? Monitor and report on the quality of product received through Inspection; / 通过检验监控和汇报接收的产品质量;
    ? Report non-conformance information during inspection to Quality engineer; provide the suggestion to disposition of non-conforming products; / 在检验期间向质量工程师汇报不合格信息,提供不合格产品的处理建议;
    ? Complete SAP transactions to disposition product; / 在SAP中完成产品处置的处理;
    ? Support the QE engineers to finish inspection for validation and verification; / 支持质量工程师完成确认和验证的检验;
    ? Manage and maintain related documentation as required, keep quality records in good condition as required; / 按要求管理和维护相关文件,按要求保存好质量记录;
    ? Responsible for minimizing both the Environmental and Health & Safety effects of the work that they perform; / 负责将所从事工作的环境健康和安全影响最小化;
    ? Attend related training and get the certification related to inspection; / 参加相关培训,获得和检验相关的证书;
    ? Help QE and supervisor train inspectors and operators for inspection criteria and method;/帮助质量工程师或主管对检验员和操作工进行检验标准和方法的培训;
    ? Perform new and PVE production inspection对新产品和PVE产品的检验;
    ? Assurance team achieve the operation and quality target 确保团队达到运营和质量目标;
    ? Perform all job duties in full accordance with: / 完成所有工作职责时参照:
    o The J&J policies on Information, Assets protection, Maintain password(s) confidential, protect critical Business Information; / 强生关于信息,资产保护,维护密码保密性,保护关键业务信息的政策;
    o All J&J policies and regulations; / 所有强生政策和规定;
    o The policies of the Health Care and Environmental programs; / 卫生保健和环境程序的政策;
    o The code of conduct policies. / 行为准则政策。
    ? Perform other work assigned by supervisor. / 执行主管分配的其它工作。


    ? Ability to read and interpret print and knowledge of GD&T / 能够阅读和解释图纸和了解几何尺寸和公差;
    ? Basic Material Knowledge and identification材料基础知识和识别
    ? Be familiar with the inspection tool such as caliper, micrometer, OC, CMM, etc. / 熟悉检验工具如卡尺, 千分尺, OC, CMM等;
    ? Teamwork, Continuous and versatile learning ability, communication skill / 团队精神,坚持和多方面学习能力,沟通能力;
    ? Basic Mechanical knowledge/基本机械知识;
    ? Well developed organizational skills, and ability to work on own initiative/良好的组织能力,主动工作的能力;
    ? ISO9001/13485 and GMP knowledge/关于ISO9001/13485和GMP的知识;
    ? Major in Mechanical or Measurement, Technical school/Senior High School or above or equivalent training/中专/高中或以上学历,专业为机械或测量或等同的培训;
    ? Has capability to interpret engineering specifications and procedures/理解工程技术规范和程序的能力;
    ? No Daltonism/无红绿色盲
    ? Be familiar with Package visual defect (Cleaning&Package inspector only)/熟悉包装外观缺陷(仅适用包装和洁净室检验领班);
    ? Peel/dye/burst test(Cleaning&package inspector only)/能够完成拉力/渗透和爆破测试
    ? Technical competency within job function and get 4 above cell internal inspection certificates; 经过培训,技术能力能够符合工作需求并且得到4个以上车间的检验授证;
    ? More than 4 years or above quality inspection experience in Mechanical manufacturing / 在机械制造业4年或以上的质量检验经验;
    ? Special process certificate(NDT, FPI Level I/II)/特殊工艺证书(NDT, FPI 等级I/II
    ? Product change and PVE support产品换型和新产品的验证的支持
    ? Conduct training for lower level inspectors对于低级别人员进行培训
    ? Simple Statistics简单的数据统
    ? Communication skill and office software operation沟通和办公软件的使用
    ? Functions as technical and process resource and “go-to” person regarding quality issues with their specific area特定区域的技术和流程的协调人
    ? Assist in the developing and improving performance measures辅助改进绩效测量
    ? Measurement equipment operation and programming检测设备的操作和简单的编程能力
    ? For complicated new product, identify inspection proper method and finish measurement对于复杂的新产品能够自己识别检验方法,完成测量要求;
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